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How to improve Crawling in Google Search results

lets discuss first definition of Crawling, it basically deal with of handsome every one of the jungle pages connected to a website.

This assignment is performed by a software, called a crawler or a spider (or Googlebot, in crate of Google)

There are short tips given below by which you can improve crawling rate of the webpages.

Here are round about tips to enhance SEO by crawling:

Increase bleep Importance

Avoid Duplicate Content

On-Page Factors

off send a message Factors

increase formerly link

create search engine gracious URLs

use protracted tail keyword smartly

use free tool like seo profiler, ahrefs, Google AdWords, Google webmaster, Google analytics, use them  to increase website health and other parameters that are important to get bank in search engine.

What is SEO-Search Engine Optimization

It is all about the concept of optimizing  website appearance in search results on different search engine, like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more.

It is search engine optimization, that consists different tools and techniques to optimize.

Different terms used in SEO 





Press release


Keyword density


Video submission

Back link




Analyst tools

Steps in SEO 

  1. Strategy
  2. Keyword related planning
  3. On page SEO
  4. off page SEO
  5. contents related SEO

In first step strategy related to your planning with concern of resources, how much budget and time required to achieve satisfactory level of SEO.

In second step in keyword strategy, it is very important in seo, as it is the major backbone of the seo. In keyword different word are likely to be read, keyword mapping, keyword density, keyword analytics etc

In on page SEO various structured data, coding, and different types of technical issues will be solved.

In off page SEO different submission related to the directory,forum,blog,article, comment, share, link building etc are coming.

The last step is the heart of all above steps that is contents, it is the base for all above steps, if your content are not enough capable to attack the traffic then it is waste of time to do its seo. Contents must be fresh, tricky, updated etc. It can be in the form of info graphic, videos.